Thursday, January 6, 2011

Samsung S3550 Shark 3 Slider Phone Review

Want a phone that features affordability, sleek design, modern up to date technology, with the benefits of a slider? This is one phone that can fit the bill. It is fully equipped with 2G capabilities, Bluetooth, and GPRS. Who would not be delighted with all this Samsung S3550 Slider phone, attractively made a package deal with its affordable price range?
This phone is equipped for all your storage needs. It is capable of storing 35 Mbytes and has a li-ion 800 battery that can last for up to 430 hours or over 7 full hours of continuous talking. Storage and battery sufficient? We think so.

This is a popular model among those who have a love for music and entertainment features. In fact, this phone is the perfect fit for anyone falling under this category. It features impressive imagery on the display screen that makes entertainment viewing delightful, and has an integrated MP3/MP4 player, as well as an FM radio. You will be able to listen to the music of your choice for hours from a device that you have handy every moment of the day.

Another quite popular feature on the Samsung S3550 is its social networking integration. This is a key component of the phone that offers live updates. One can also access Google maps, an organization system, and a vocal recorder which is great for those forgetful beings who need constant reminders. And who among us doesn’t?

As with many phones, a user will have their choice of vibration or ring alerts to make them aware of incoming calls. The speakerphone functions to allow individuals the benefits of having a hands free conversation so that they can perform other tasks while keeping in touch or having a meeting.

Have a lot of contacts? No worries. The phone book in this handset will allow up to 1000 entries. Few consumers need more than this, and if you do, what can we say? Sounds like you need a secretary!

The internal memory is 35GB, which can easily be enhanced by upgrading with additional memory cards up to 8GB. This is an attractive option for many who feel that they need more storage capabilities but would rather choose a more budget friendly phone that allow these upgrades as needed.

Both EDGE and GPRS are provided with the Samsung S3550 Slider phone. These are both a high class 10 and offer a number of connectivity options that are sure to please. One has access to USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and instant messaging options as well as a SAP 2.0 browser.

This phone is available in three attractive colors: black, white, and pink, and is sure to please users of all ages. It offers all the functionality needed by the businessman and still has the sleek modern cutting edge look that the technology gurus like to have. And the bonus? It is still quite affordable, much more so than other comparable models. Who can complain when you find such a model that combines modern technology with stylish sleek design? We think no one can!

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This is a slider phone with full Qwerty Keyboard and touchscreen. A no-contract boost mobile phone with aesthetic look and better utility. Built-in camera helps capture your memorable moments. All these features make this phone a very special one for you, your family and friends.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming New Mobiles From Nokia: N96,N78,6210,6200

Last week Nokia broke the silence after a long wait and announced upcoming new Nokia mobiles with features that you have always wished for. The Upcoming new converged devices from Nokia are going to rewrite the way the mobiles are being seen today, they sports features for mobile entertainment, productivity for business users, GPS navigations sytems inbuilt and lots of memory. The prime releases last week were:
Nokia N96 :
Most advanced mutimedia computer optimized for entertainment.
Nokia N96 is a cool slider mobile featuring some never seen before features in a single handset. This mobile is featuring large 2.8 inch screen, 16 Gb inuilt memory with option of 8 GB of card expansion. The Nokia mobile has been built with Nokia’s hugely successful N95 in mind. It supports a wide range of video formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media Video and Flash Video. It even supports a USB 2.0 interface, WLAN and HSPDA support, Integrated DVB-H for TV viewing.